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Kenny's Empanadas

What began as a family tradition, with my mother making her original chicken & rice empanadas around the holidays has transcended to our family business.

Our Empanadas

Empanadas don't have to be just meat. They are whatever you can imagine and whatever your heart desires.

We use all fresh ingredients that are carefully cooked to perfection, which results in great mouth watering flavors. When you bite into one of our empanadas you will know from your taste buds that you have found culinary joy.

empanada food truckEmpanada Food Truck

The business began as an empanada food truck business. In the spring and summer our food truck can be seen at outdoor events all around New Jersey.

Kenny's Empanadas restaurant in South PlainfieldRestaurant and Catering

In 2017 we opened our first Kenny's Empanadas restaurant in South Plainfield, New Jersey!

Kennys Empanadas staff


Our Mission

Our mission at Kenny's Empanadas is to serve up happiness! There is no better way to do that, except to put passion and dedication into what you do.

Catering, Delivery, & Food Truck Service Area

We cater and deliver empanadas in the the Plainfield/Woodbridge area. Check out our service area.


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